ISO/ADA Design, V-8 Cross Brushing Machine with Accessories

Information: V8 cross brushing machine as per ADA design specifications for the laboratory assessment of dentifrice abrasivety. (John J. Hefferren Phd., Journal of dental research July-August 1976).

Specifications: (including ISO/DIS standard) specification no. 11609
Design: ISO toothpastes and American Dental Association test study protocol.
Operating voltage: 110v AC/60 Hz or 220v AC/50 Hz
Dimensions: W16 x D16 XH20 inches (Red anodized body)
Material of construction: Aluminum, brass and s/steel and slide ball bearings.
Test capacity: 8 test specimens stations are encapsulated with the tooth brushes and plastic tubes to test tooth pastes and liquid/slurries
Test specimens holding size: 3/8H X 1/2W X3/4 inches long
Brushing pressure on test specimens: 10-1000 grams adjustable
Brushing strokes speed: 5 - 125 rpm with and adjustable torque control
Brushing test cycle strokes counter: digital programmable counter turns off the system after the completion of brushing test cycles 100 plastic lusteriod tubes (reusable) furnished with the machine.
Test apparatus weight: 100 lbs.

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