Thermo-Cycling Testing Instrument with Hot and Cold Bath Units

Information: This research instrument is designed to conduct laboratory testing of micro leakage phases of composite filling and adhesive bonding materials in and on tooth structures. Test specimens are submerged in hot and cold baths for a given time periods and for numbers of test cycles. Hot and cold temperature are accurately controlled with digital electronic temperature control microprocessors and refrigerator baths for analyzing tests and research studies.

Operating voltages: 115 v AC, 60 Hz and 220-240 v AC, 50 Hz.
Hot and cold bath work area dimensions: L10 x W10 3/8 x D5 3/4 inches
Hot and cold baths dimensions: H13 1/4 x W12 1/2 x D18 1/2 inches
Cold bath cooling unit dimension: H14 1/2 x W8 x D11 1/4 inches
Table top unit assembly dimension: H16 x W32 x D28 inches
Total weight of four units: 190 lbs.

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