Staining Test Apparatus used for V-8 Cross Brushing Machine

Information: Staining test apparatus has been designed to stain bovine teeth specimens to provide alternate immersion onto the staining broth made of instant coffee, tea and gastric mucin and air drying of the specimens. The apparatus is capable to hold on to 100 stain specimens 1/2 x 3/4 x 5/16 inches high on 4 stainless steel racks to be immersed in solution tray and to revolve continuously at 2rpm speed under two 250 watt heat lamps until such tiime that the test specimens have been completely stained. The stain specimens are used with the ADA V-8 cross brushing machine to conduct laboratory tooth abrasion studies.

Dimensions: Apparatus is 12x14x24 inches and includes over head heat drying lamp assembly for air drying specimens.

Weight: 35lbs.

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