SABRI Oral Simulating Posterior Composite Wear Test Apparatus (ISO/DTS 14569-2 Guidance on Testing of Wear) with Hot and Cold Water Circulating Baths

Information: This has been designed to meet with the established standard of the US army research investigation department. It also meets with the technical specifications of ISO/TC 106/SC 2 N 23 dental materials guidance on testing of wear - part 2: methods of simulating occlusal wear.

4 programmable contact force stations to test flat or occlusal test surfaces
Programmable X / Y tables to travel between 1 - 25 mm in ~ 1 seconds speed
Z - direction for occlusal force application to simulate wear 0 - 3 mm depth
Slide wear contact force programmable in steps from 10 - 50 newtons
Test cycle counter displays 0 - 100,000 contact slide wear test cycles
Hot / Cold temperature circulating bath timer cycle counter operates with the hot / cold circulating bath as programmed and switch able in 2 minutes
Apparatus dimensions: 24 W x 30 H x 44 inches
Weight: 200 lbs.

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