ISO Standard Apparatus used to Measure Tooth Brush Stiffness

Information: A very versatile toothbrush stiffness test apparatus, including the modified design to place 500 grams load vertically on top of a toothbrush head, has been developed according to ISO 8627: Revised version in standard test protocols, where all shape and size toothbrushes can be tested for stiffness as soft, medium or hard classifications. The stiffness value of toothbrushes are recorded in forward and backward directions in forces (N) with a strain gage, connected to rods flat base slide assembly which moves perpendicular to the brush head at a given control speed. A programmable cycle counter controls the ON/OFF operating cycles of the apparatus. Tests are conducted in a wet or dry condition on a cut off handle toothbrush head. The stiffness test values are displayed and recorded on a force indicator, which can be connected to a computer with an RS-232 port for data processing and analysis. The apparatus is made small to be operated on a laboratory bench top.

Operating voltages: 115/220 and 50/60 Hz.
Total weight: 70 lbs.

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