Dual Action Toothbrush Mark II Instrument for Dentifrice and Wear Assessment of Powered and Manual Toothbrushes

Information: A single toothbrush design versatile dentifrice/wear assessment instrument has been designed to evaluate the brushign efficacy of manual or electrically powered toothbrushes in a laboratory simulated test protocols using X, Y or X-Y bi directional brushing movements. Test specimens or bovine prestain teeth are brushed with dentifrice in an enclosed tray assembly. Brushing speed and test cycles are controlled from the front control panel of the instrument. Brushing pressure is directly applied with the weight holder installed on top of the brush head in the range of 50, 100 or 200 grams. A round weight collar is designed for the electrically powered toothbrushes.

Operating voltage: 120v AC/60 Hz
Weight: 80 lbs.

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